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The Bactivate program uses scientific rigour and specific bacillus bacteria combined with the right supplements to partner in regenerating your soil for you and the next generation.

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Proven with good operators.

All farmers should be soil farmers. Good operators who are taking advantage of our soil health knowledge are consistently achieving higher yields, whilst reducing inputs with Bactivate. 


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How it works.

Up to 90% of what a plant needs to sustain life and prosper comes from mirco-organisms. Micro-organisms that are being depleted on our farms. Bactivate works to restore bacteria and their natural food sources, improving yields and reducing inputs. This video is a great place to start on your journey to becoming a soil farmer.

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Benefits of Bactivate.

Yields, crop health, nutrition content, lower inputs. Soil health is your key to prosperity.
Naturally improved soil health
Naturally improved soil health
Farm soils are often depleted from intensive farming. We put back a balanced range of organically certified bacillus bacteria, with the right food sources, to increase nutrient uptake and kick start your soil engine for improved results.
Improved pastures
Improved pastures
Soil regeneration leads to improved energy and nutrition in pastures, which can improve things like protein and fat in milk production, or time to weight in sheep and cattle.
Improved crops
Improved crops
Soil regeneration leads to improved sizing, increased yields and less environmental damage to crops as they are better able to handle environmental stress, disease and pest attack.
Reduced inputs
Reduced inputs
Healthier, more aerated soils, means improved water holding capacity to help drought proof your farm, less runoff and more efficient usage of fertilisers and other farm inputs.
No down time
No down time
Adding our program can be done without a yield downturn and can be a stepping stone to a more regenerative approach to farming.
Simple application
Simple application
Our products are easy to apply through standard farming equipment (e.g. boom spray, fertigation and centre pivot), and are applied all at same time.


Bactivate is a product and a program. We don’t sell and run. We test soils, understand your soil challenges, recommend a product range, supply, test and share the results to improve again. Success for us is your sons and daughters using our products and Bactivate being a small part of what you did for their future.

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Our mission is to bring generational prosperity to farmers through soil regeneration.

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How can you benefit from Bactivate?


Based on infield results a typical dairy farm of 150 hectares can improve bottom line results between $58 to 149k per annum*.

Improved soils lead to improved pasture with higher nutrients for the bacteria that feed on that pasture in the cows stomach. This can;

  • Improve milk yield per cow 0.5 to 1 litre a day,
  • increase milk solids 1.7 to 3.3% per day per cow, and
  • drive a reduction in dry feed upwards of 0.5kg a day.

All these benefits, and others, will drop to your bottom line, whilst reducing your environmental footprint. Because you will be making more efficient use of fertiliser the total cost of your program (including any fertiliser and mineral inputs) will be approximately the same as you are spending right now and sometimes less. To learn more about our dairy experience or any other sector contact us now.

*Guideline only. Each farm will be different depending on your unique soil challenges. 

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