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Core Product Program

1. Bactivate 3

Similar to Bactivate 5, but a combination of 3 bacillus bacteria developed for the specific requirements of pasture and turf.

Bactivate 3 rebuilds soil structure and provides essential bacteria to stimulate biological activity and pasture / turf growth.

Core benefits: Rebuilds soil structures. Unlocking nutrients for plants. Turf density and strength. Suppresses pathogens. Activates plants defences. Nitrogen fixation.

Application: Approx. 1 L per hectare. Twice yearly (consult our soil experts for tailored advice for your farm). With standard boom spray.

Available sizes: 10L, 20L, 200L (e.g. 200 hectare farm), 1000L. Contact your local distributor for pricing.

Best with: Should be applied with Bactivate5 and Bactivate Bioboost Plant Carbon.

Notes: Certified organic.